A case before a Tribunal of the Catholic Church, about instituted lectors (or readers) from 14 Nov 2000 to 19 Sep 2001  






Pages 26-30, decrees and questions

Additional Proofs of John Lilburne

Institution Ceremony, pages 41 - 43

Supplementary Interrogation of Very Reverend Dowling

Correction of Additional Proofs

Brief of Petitioner's Advocate

Decree of Substitution of Tribunal

Decree of Conclusion


Judgement 14 March 2001

Authentication, page 74

John Lilburne's Appeal

Judgement of Appeal Tribunal



Tribunal Case

The case of the Tribunal of the Catholic Church, Victoria & Tasmania, (402 Albert Street, East Melbourne, Australia) in Causa: LILBURNE-DOWLING, No: 301 00 165.

Key dates:

14 November 2000: Libellus against Very Reverend Dowling lodged.

7 December 2000: Very Reverend Waters decreed the constitution of the Tribunal.

6 February 2001: Petition accepted, agreement of the point of issue, and interrogation of John Lilburne.

7 February 2001: Interrogation of Very Reverend Michael McKenna at Corpus Christi College, Carlton.

10 February 2001: Interrogation of Very Reverend Gerard Dowling at St Patrick's Cathedral Presbytery.

13 February 2001: Interrogation of Most Reverend Denis Hart at James Goold House, Victoria Parade. A copy of the Acts were published to John Lilburne. Suggested questions for Very Reverend Dowling submitted and responded to by Very Reverend Waters.

23 February 2001: Additional Proofs of John Lilburne submitted.

26 February 2001: Very Reverend Dowling interrogated, with some of the suggested questions. John Lilburne submitted "Correction to Additional Proofs".

2 March 2001: Decree of conclusion of the case.

5 March 2001: Brief of Advocate for John Lilburne submitted.

9 March 2001: Number of judges increased from 3 to 5.

14 March 2001: Judgment made. Published to John Lilburne and Very Reverend Dowling.

John Lilburne was provided with a copy of the Acts of the case, which are 74 pages long.

29 March 2001: John Lilburne lodged an appeal, directed to the Appeal Tribunal of the Catholic Church for Australia and New Zealand.

19 September 2001: Appeal unsuccessful - Appeal Tribunal decide in Melbourne.

4 October 2001: John Lilburne informed of decision by letter from Reverend Gregory V. Carroll, with copy of the Appeal Tribunal's decision. Costs to be paid by John Lilburne: $200.

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